COLORS Sneakers™ by Panini

The first PANINI for the sneakers lovers is coming ! Buy, tear, stick, trade and find. Collect them all !




Sitting on bench in the courtyard at school, 3 childhood friends were exchanging PANINI cards. These budding collectors had only one thing in mind, complete their Album. Who would have thought that, a few years later, these three same mates would be reunited and sign a contract with the number one stickers brand in the entire world! A few years ago, it was Zidane or Ronaldo’s stickers that everybody was fighting for. Today, COLORS is bringing a passion shared by millions of people across the world in the spotlight: SNEAKERS!!

Our project is trying to showcase a culture, a universe and a lifestyle: The Streetwear! The sneaker market as we know it today was born in the early 1980s when sportswear and hip-hop culture were conjoined. Sneakers are the epicenter of the project COLORS SNEAKERS BY PANINI. One sticker, one unique pair, and it directly brings you back on the school benches where you were trading your cards in hopes of finding the ones you were missing! Not to mention our mobile app, already available for free in the Apple Store and Play Store, which will give you access to rich and varied content (release date, local shops, press release, best prices,…) as well as numerous surprises. The sneaker world is at the tip of your fingers... and will soon even be in your pockets!!

This project obviously needs your contribution to see the day! Together, we will relive our childhood dreams. For it to happen, we will need to collect €100,000 which will cover expenses linked to the creation of 15,000 albums, 25,000 packs, 2,500,000 stickers, the marketing, the distribution, and the launch of our online store. Any contribution will be warmly welcomed! If you are as passionate with sneakers as we are, or if you want to make somebody happy, do not hesitate to enter the journey with us and to share your experience with your friends! At the end of they day, this project is also yours!


Our team is made of three personalities who really like what they do, Maxim, self-made designer at the origin of the COLORS SNEAKERS creation; his longstanding accomplice David who brings his originaly touch and his unlimited support, finally Gatien, the informated and passionate salesman. It's the project of three friends who are about to bring a child's dream to life.


We are currently busy in the proccess of finalizing the last details related to the graphic design and are working on the album content. The most difficult is behind us and we're finally reaching the final goal.


We've decided to pass by Kickstarter plateform for the launch of our Crowdfunding because we wanted to offer our community the opportunity to be part of the project. Kickstarter is such a big family. What also appealed to us was the repayment insurance that Kickstarter guarantees in case the project does not achieve the expected success.